Erectile Dysfunction Can Be a Result of Hemochromatosis

Iron deficiency is a fairly common problem, but in some people – such as those with the hereditary disorder hemochromatosis – iron overload can become an issue. Numerous health complications are associated with hemochromatosis, including one – erectile dysfunction – that has a distinct bearing on a man’s penis health. Knowing more about this disorder can help a man know what to do if he is experiencing erectile dysfunction related to this iron overload situation.

What is hemochromatosis?

Often called hereditary hemochromatosis, this is a genetic disorder, meaning a person is born with alterations in his genes that will ultimately cause iron overload. It is therefore not a condition one “catches” from another person; however, iron overloading usually does not become a problem for a man with hereditary hemochromatosis until he is in his 40s or 50s. He may therefore feel as if this is something that he contracted from another source, but the fact is that it is something that has been in his body since his birth.

A man develops iron overload in these situations because his body can’t regulate the amount of iron he absorbs from food. Too much iron is absorbed and not enough is released through urine or feces.

When the iron can’t be released from the body, it can settle into the heart, liver, pancreas, testicles and other parts of the body, causing damage over time. About 5 out of every 1,000 Caucasians have the genetic mutations that can result in symptomatic hemochromatosis, although not everyone who has the disorder will experience symptoms.

Those symptoms may include joint pain, fatigue, weight loss, stomach pain, and loss of sex drive. Common complications related to iron overload are diabetes, cirrhosis, arthritis, heart issues and erectile dysfunction.

Who does it affect?

Although anyone can be born with the genes that cause hereditary hemochromatosis, it is primarily associated with Caucasians whose heritage can be traced back to northern Europe.

As mentioned, both a diminished sex drive and erectile dysfunction may be associated with hemochromatosis. Why should this be? Again, this is related to the excess iron circulating through the blood and over time being deposited in the testicles. The iron causes damage to the organ and interferes with its ability to fulfill its functions properly, such as the production and release of testosterone levels. When the testosterone levels drop, a man’s sex drive decreases.

Testosterone levels also play a role in proper erectile functioning, but this is equally impacted by the cardiac issues that may arise due to hemochromatosis. These result in both a weaker flow of blood throughout the body and a weakening of the arteries and vessels, including those in the penis. When blood cannot vigorously flow into the penis, it results in weaker erections – or sometimes in no erection at all.


In most cases, doctors treat diagnosed hereditary hemochromatosis through phlebotomy, which is another word for blood-letting. After the diagnosis is confirmed, a person will have a pint or so of blood drained on a regular basis – sometimes weekly, sometimes more or less. This continues until the iron level in the body is back in an acceptable range. After that, they will be phlebotomized much less often – perhaps every few months or so, just to maintain the proper iron level.

With treatment, erectile dysfunction due to hemochromatosis is generally reversible. It helps, though, to take steps to keep up the overall health of the manhood through daily use of a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Crèmes that contain vitamin C are especially advisable, as this vitamin is crucial for collagen production and penile tissue firmness. It’s also beneficial if L-arginine is among the ingredients in the crème. This amino acid helps keep blood vessels dilated, allowing for an easier flow of blood to the penis.

Does Heart Attack Recovery Lead to Penis Problems?

Many men worry about a variety of potential penis problems, and understandably so. Even with the best regular penis care, a man might run into issues of dryness, redness, itching and lack of sensitivity from time to time. But for some men, those issues are a bit of a moot point; they are simply worried about whether they can still have a good sex life after a major medical event.

Men who suffer a heart attack can face many worries and concerns about their physical health, including doubts about their ability to resume sexual relations with a partner. And in fact, some men might not be cleared to resume sexual activity until several months after the incident. But for many, the fear of getting back into the sack can be enough to keep them rather celibate for a long while after they have been cleared to get back to it.

Penis problems and heart attack

Many men suffer from penis problems after a heart attack. The biggest of these is erectile dysfunction, which has been seen in up to a quarter of all those who are recovering from a massive heart problem. The question becomes what causes it: Is it a result of blood flow problems, which are certainly possible after a heart attack? Or is it the fear a man might have of sexual activity following such a severe physical scare?

Studies have found that 19 percent of those who have suffered a heart attack have absolutely no interest in sex in the months following the cardiac event; another 16 percent are anxious about whether they will be able to handle the physical exertion required to enjoy the sexual act.

But there is also another component that men might not consider: Penis problems might be a harbinger of heart problems. Many men might notice that they have trouble with getting or maintaining an erection, coupled with occasional shortness of breath, some minor chest pain, and other symptoms that could indicate blood clots or narrowing of arteries that often lead to a heart attack. Therefore, men who suddenly experience unusual symptoms – including penis problems – should visit their doctor to rule out any serious issues.

Getting back into the swing of things

When it comes to resuming sexual activity, a man who has suffered any cardiac event should listen to his doctor on when it is okay to get busy between the sheets. For some men that might be as little as a week; for others it might mean several months of rest before sexual activity is okay. Once a man is cleared for sex, a good rule of thumb is that any activity that leads to chest pain or tightness is a sign to stop immediately.

But in addition to the physical concerns, many men might be anxious about getting back into it – and understandably so. In this case, it might be a good idea to hold off on sexual activity until a man is entirely ready, emotionally and mentally. This might take some time, and could even require talking to a therapist about the obvious worries and concerns he might have.

Once it’s time to give it a go, a man should be careful to have sex in a familiar place, in his favorite position, and don’t try anything adventurous at first. It is very important to ease back into any physical activity after a heart attack, including sex.

In the meantime, a man can still look after good penis health and watch out for penis problems. He can do this by using a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a regular basis. A man should look for a crème that includes vitamin C for proper blood flow and L-arginine, an amino acid that enhances blood vessel dilation, thus leading to firmer erections. Other vitamins are great too, all blended together in a high-end emollient like Shea butter.

What Penis Health Says About Longevity

Men who pay very close attention to good penis care will often notice immediately if something is not quite right. Almost every man will make note if his erection is softer than usual, takes longer to obtain or doesn’t rise at all. And though every man had the occasional erectile dysfunction – usually after a night of drinking too much! – sometimes the problem continues through several sex sessions.

When that happens, it is vitally important to get things checked out. That’s because good penis health isn’t just about what happens in the bedroom. It can speak to other problems happening in the body, and that can lead to questions about lifespan and overall health.

Does poor penis health mean a shorter life?

Here’s a shocker, one that a man might want to brace himself for: A study from University of Mississippi found that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have a whopping 70 percent chance of premature death.

But before the panic sets in, it’s important to understand the reasons behind that dreadful number.

The small blood vessels that feed the penis during erections are actually quite small – they are only a few millimeters in diameter. Any problems with blood flow are going to affect the smallest vessels first, and that obviously includes those vessels in the penis. That’s why erectile dysfunction is often one of the first signs that something is going wrong inside the body’s cardiovascular system.

When the blood vessels aren’t healthy, thanks to things like smoking, lack of exercise, genetics, various medical issues and other problems, the first place it shows up is in the penis. It begins with erectile dysfunction, but it can soon become worse than that.

Remember that there are other tiny blood vessels in the body too, that are about the same size as those in the penis, or even smaller. For instance, the vessels that feed the kidneys are that small, and so are a few that go to the brain. If there is a problem in one of those vessels, there is likely a problem in another.

If the erectile dysfunction continues without exploring the underlying cause, it could lead to even worse issues. As plaque builds up in the smaller vessels, it is also building up in the larger ones – like those that feed the heart. Over time this leads to serious concerns. In fact, men with erectile dysfunction caused by poor cardiovascular health are likely to have a serious cardiac event, such as a massive heart attack, within five years of the onset of the dysfunction.

What to do about it

If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction that lasts for three months or more, it’s time to get help from a physician. If a man is able to get it up but is experiencing other problems, such as an erection that doesn’t get hard enough or last as long as it used to, it is still worth checking out, as it could be early signs of cardiovascular problems.

In the meantime, a man should always pay close attention to penis health. To help him do that, the use of a high-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is a great option. A man should look for a crème that aids in erection issues with the use of L-arginine, an amino acid that helps increase blood flow, as well as vitamin C, which has been shown to improve cardiovascular health. Add these nutrients and vitamins to other beneficial ingredients and mix it all in a Shea butter base, and a man has a penis health crème he can trust.

Why DOT Drug Testing Should Be Done Sporadically

It’s essential to conduct DOT drug trying out. While you need to make sure that it is getting done, it is clearly better to do it sporadically instead of on a hard and fast schedule. You can then be sure that it’s completed, however in this kind of manner that employees may not know while they’ll be known as for the test.

Keep Your Drivers Guessing

The final factor you want is on your personnel to know exactly whilst they’re going to be drug examined. The concept is for it to be random that they in no way understand it’s going to occur. It will offer you with better results because you will realize whether they are the usage of or now not. If you hold a set time table, they may doubtlessly forestall the use of at just the time to offer a clear check – and then pass proper back to the usage of.

This is what you are seeking to keep away from. There were endless humans who’ve been capable of effectively pass worker drug testing due to the fact they understand when the enterprise goes to check. The organisation has failed because they may be predictable. While employees may additionally skip a drug test, you know all too properly that they’ve been able to manage the gadget.

Get Results You Can Count On

The primary purpose to behavior DOT drug checking out this is sporadic is so you can surely rely on the outcomes. If you know personnel are using, but the results come again bad every time, you’ve got your self a hassle. The sporadic aspect maintains every person on their feet. You can then recognise that while you test an employee, you could rely upon the effects.

If you can’t get outcomes you can expect, numerous troubles rise up.

  1. Employees will be on capsules
  2. You may be in opposition to regulations
  3. You open yourself as much as extra threat

The fact is, you don’t need to deal with any of these troubles. If your employees are the usage of, whether or not it’s far on work premises or not, you need to discover. Further, in case you are in an enterprise that regulates employees and requires drug trying out, including freight transport, you need to make certain which you are following all the important protocol with regards to DOT drug trying out. You don’t want to examine that your drug checking out requirements aren’t DOT compliant, consequently ensuing in fines or other issues.

You do not should do all the testing on your own. You can paintings with a consortium to control the complete software for you. This will ensure that every one of the offerings you want are at your fingertips, and they would be legal to carry out diverse capabilities in order that there may be less in order to fear about.

Employees who drive for a living expect to be drug examined. It’s part of the activity. When you conduct the assessments sporadically, you may depend greater closely on the results – and minimize the risks which you expose your commercial enterprise to for the duration of the year.

Five Simple Steps to Mindful Eating

MINDFUL EATING is not a eating regimen. It’s a aware manner of eating and taking part in meals for both excellent fitness and pleasure. It uses our inner cues for starvation, urge for food, and satiety to manual us in consuming. When we gradual down and be aware of how we devour, what we consume, and how we sense, we’re more likely to make better choices that nourish our our bodies.

Here are some steps you can take to exercise aware eating.

Step 1 – Give yourself permission to eat what you need. If you don’t, you can discover your self overeating because you do not want to feel deprived. Restricting yourself from sure ingredients can also maintain you craving them whether you are hungry or not.

Step 2 – Focus while you consume. Instead of unconsciously shoveling food into your mouth at mealtimes or as you move about the day, STOP to revel in every chew. Whenever you consume, take a second to take a seat down and JUST EAT; do not do something else. Make it an occasion.

Step three – Savor the flavor. Engage your feel of odor and flavor to fully enjoy your meals. Appreciate the scrumptious scent earlier than you are taking a bite. Then as you chunk into your sandwich, broccoli, sweet, or something, be aware the feel – is it gentle or tough, chewy or crunchy? Take some time and let it sit to your mouth for some seconds before you begin to chunk. Move it round to let all of your flavor buds get in on the action.

Step four – Reflect for a moment. Once you end, make the effort to think about the revel in. Was it as properly as you imagined it would be? Did you certainly (surely) adore it? Do you experience satisfied and satisfied or guilty and concerned approximately the calories? The latter likely manner which you were not able to absolutely enjoy your meals and you may be stuck in "weight loss plan mentality" questioning. With time and practice, you could pass past this.

Step 5 – Decide what is subsequent. Do you want extra candy? If so, repeat steps 1 – 4.

Does the concept of consuming something you need scare you? Are you afraid that each one you may devour is junk food – chips, cookies, and ice cream? If you have dieted for a long time, this is understandable. Just know that with exercise, mindful eating turns into greater herbal. When you use your inner cues for starvation, appetite, and satiety to manual you in consuming, you come to be consuming just the right amount and form of meals to actually nourish your body.